Timing is Everything

Hello Fish Fans, Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and another Stuart Florida fishing report. Timing is everything this time of year and you don’t know until you go. Each cold front delivers the good, the bad and the ugly as the pelagic fish migrate south to warmer waters. We’ve had some great days this month but there was a few stinkers in the mix. The SEAKEEPER on the new REEL BUSY has been awesome keeping us comfortable even when it gets a bit sporty offshore. I’ve fished allot of boats over the last 30 years and this 40′ CABO EXPRESS is definitely my favorite and everybody loves it.

The dolphin or mahi-mahi fishing was excellent for the first couple weeks this month and pitifully slow last week. Catching 5 to 10 dolphin on most of our fishing charters the first 2 weeks and catching 33 on the 13th. The 6 to 9 foot swells pushing through the end of the week should set us up for an excellent sailfish and dolphin bite as we move into February. The smaller dolphin of 5 to 7 pounds show up in larger schools delivering numbers and the larger dolphin of 8 to 12 pounds are in packs of 3 to 5. Stuart Florida is the place to be during winter and spring if you’re looking to catch dolphin for dinner.

The sailfish bite’s been hit and miss so far this year with allot of sailfish still hanging around from Ponce Inlet to Jacksonville. The cold fronts last week combined with the big swell pushing through later this week should deliver an excellent sailfish bite this February. Acres of Spanish sardines and threadfin herring will be showing up off the beaches and wrecks next month with sailfish, wahoo, kingfish and dolphin and tuna in tow.

The blackfin tuna bite usually gets fired up during the spring and summer months so we’re only catching a few right now but the ones we’re catching are all 15 to 25 pounds. The bigger blackfin tuna are every bit as tasty and tender as the yellowfin tuna we catch on the east side of the gulfstream during the spring and summer months. The tuna bite will continue to be hit and miss for the next 6 weeks or so but always nice to see on a fish box of dolphin.

The kingfish have started showing up and will continue to provide some action on the days the dolphin aren’t eager to play the game. Most of the kingfish have been 8 to 12 pounds but there’s been a few pushing 20 pounds. Kingfish of 20 to 40 pounds will be more abundant as we get closer to springtime.

Now’s the time to get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters and lock in your dates on this top producing Stuart Florida Charter Boat. We look forward to taking you fishing. Catch you later. Captain Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609 We’ll be back reel soon with another fishing report from Stuart Florida. Sailfish Capital of the World.


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