Starting to Show

Hello Fish Fans and welcome aboard the REEL BUSY.  The dolphin fishing was pitifully slow again last week but they finally starting to show up yesterday. It wasn’t red hot but we came home with 5 dolphin of 5 to 8 pounds, lost a few and released a few peanuts. My Other Honey fished today and caught 6 dolphin.

The tuna haven’t started moving back onto the hill yet but they will and it won’t be long. There’s been a few cobia and kingfish on the reefs and wrecks and this too should get a whole lot better reel soon. There’s a few sailfish scattered about and as the bait returns to the wrecks we’ll have a few more sailfish hanging around to play the game.

Looks like it’s time to catch some fish so get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters and let’s go catch’em. Call Capt. Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609