Sporty Seas and Big Dolphin

Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. The conditions were a bit sporty during the week with an excellent dolphin bite but the last couple of weekends the dolphin bite died with the calming of the seas.

During the week we had a couple of charters head for home early but not before catching 4 or 5 dolphin up to 20 pounds. We caught 15 to 20 pound dolphin on all of our trips last week and the largest were 26 and 29 pounds.

There’s allot of big dolphin pushing through right now and the dolphin bite will be good to excellent on most days. Most of the dolphin we’ve been catching are 8 to 12 pounds with a few 15 to 20 pound dolphin in the mix.

There’s been a few blackfin tuna around the hill but they’re not stacked up yet so it’s been hit and miss. Most of the tuna we’ve been catching  are 5 to 10 pounds with a couple at 12 to 15 pounds. The blackfins are usually stack by now so it shouldn’t be long before there’s a good tuna bite on the hill.

There’s been a few sailfish around, we caught another one yesterday but overall the sailfish bites been on the slow side. Our sailfish bites have been scattered about from 80 feet of water out to 280 feet of water.

The full of on April 22nd should trigger a good wahoo bite during the last two weeks of the month. There’s been a few around but they should get fired up in a couple of weeks.

Dolphin and tuna will be providing most of the offshore action this month but we’ll also be catching sailfish, wahoo, kingfish and cobia. Get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters and let’s go catch some fish. Catch you later, Capt. Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609   IMG_0390 IMG_5295 image2 20160401_093001