Rob-Mon Report

From our fishing forum: Rob-Mon

Underway from Manatee Pocket just after sunrise on Wednesday we found calm seas and light boat traffic. Passed all the folks anchored on the sand pile and headed straight to a 100 foot spot that showed plenty of potential on the fish finder. My first mate Susan again put on a fishing clinic, boating the first nice fat yellowtail.


We kept the chum flowing and the school of 2-3 pounders interested, with some nice mangrove snapper mixed in. The toughest part for us was picking through the (barely) undersized AJ’s. They were all about one inch short and I lost count after we boated and released over twenty of them.

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Had one nice bull about 30 pounds eat a live blue runner and put on a classic fight that kept us both on our toes until it was in the cooler. That will keep us coming back out for more! Great day, beautiful weather, and a great fishing crew of one. Also had a hammerhead crash the chum slick that was over eight feet long and sighted our first leatherback turtle of the Spring.